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Nationwide Peace of Mind!

November 06, 2020

Did you know that A&O Auto Care is a NAPA Auto Care Center? We are!

Did you also know that when A&O Auto Care repairs your vehicle that you have a 24 month / 24,000 mile nationwide warranty on parts and labor? Yes, it's true.

What if you're traveling and a part fails (and you are over 25 miles from our store)? We've got you covered! You can take vehicle to any NAPA Auto Care Center and they will take care of you.

Let's face it, many of us have had repairs, and weeks or months down the road a part fails. Most of the time the customer is responsible for buying the part and paying for the labor again. It's not fun on the pocketbook. Here at A&O Auto Care, we are so happy to provide this great warranty to our wonderful customers with an added peace of mind!

Call us TODAY for more information!

Staying In-Tune With Your Vehicle​

I Think It's Time We STOP. Children, What's That Sound? 

May 20th, 2020

Ahh... 60's music was great, but we aren't talking music today. We are talking brakes and rotors. You know what I'm talking about...squeals, grinding, vibrating, OH MY! Let's get real folks, brakes and rotors can become a very serious issue. Summer traveling is coming up VERY SOON, and we want all of our community and friends to travel safely this summer. A&O Auto Care can help you with all of those problems. Come by and let us inspect your brakes and rotors. Call Us Today!

Tires...Tires... Tires... 

It's Warming Up. Don't Let the Heat Pop Your Tires! 

April 10, 2020

Ahhh, it's warming up.  So long winter! It's looking like lake-time here in Texoma. Can I get a Hip-Hip-Hooooray!?  With warmer weather we all know what it's like to drive down the highway and see pieces of tire.  Yep, and the warmer it gets the more evidence of worn tires we see on the roads and highways.  The highways and byways become a bob-n-weave obstacle course it seems.  Don't get stuck with a flat or blowout on the side of the road in the heat this spring and summer.  Swing into A&O or call and us to get pricing on new tires.  We have many options to choose from that will fit your pocketbook!  

What To Expect With Your Visit

May 11, 2020

Have you ever been to a repair shop or dealership and you just feel defeated and dead broke when you leave? Not at A&O Auto Care.  We are here to HELP you!  With your visit you can expect a FREE multipoint inspection on your vehicle.  We do not pressure you with "up selling" repair jobs.  We will provide you with a detailed update (printed upon request) with any issues or safety factors that we find during your visit and then leave it up to you to determine what you want to do - if anything.  Kery will sit down and go over everything with you, and he is happy to answer all of your car care questions and concerns.  Call TODAY and let us check out your vehicle!